Atahhantia is small boss. Atahhantia are so fast , haves 1 Giant cannon,1 Giant side cannon, 1 small side cannon, 1 minedropper x 3,gives more damage against ships that have lots of health, Atahhantia is rare can spawn 30 min after one people spawn in new server. Reload Giant side Cannon 3.5 Giant side cannon 3 small side cannon 0.5 mine dropper x 3 2.5. Atahhantia is fast but rare. When you kill Atahhantia you will get 50,000 coins. Power Level : 340

It attacks: Players, TyranKiller and Asmodeus

It is neutral to: Other bosses

It is attacked by: TyranKiller, Asmodeus, COKE 84, Pink Sheep YT, VOID SPOON and The Ultimate Conba


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