Theawsomedieplover Theawsomedieplover 20 October 2019

MS Cocolate Promlem

Hello And Today I Was Playing,I Killed Every Boss Like MG Master,Santa Maria And More!

But I Had A Promlem MS Cocolate Spawned And Did Not Target Me...

This Strange And Idk I Was Not Shinying White This Happened Sunday,October 20,2019 On 1:44.

I Did Not Do Anything But I Was Like Ms Cocolate,This Was A Big BIG BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Prolem + My Name Was CristianGG

I Protected Da Boss While I Saw Antoher Person Like Ms Cocolate And The Player Name Was Cocolate JR,Btw Cocolate JR And Me Guarded Ms Cocolate.

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RubberDuckie3 RubberDuckie3 24 July 2017

I Changed the background so that it looks different from the main wiki

just letting you know

the reason i changed this was because it looked too much like the main wiki ( wiki) and i was misidentifying it as the wiki, but then i noticed the heading it said " Ideas Wiki" So i changed it to a recolored version of the other wiki background

Hope you understand this change

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