The Elite Creepers of Space are very powerful bosses, which are capable of many different attacks, and a glow effect to buff themselves when low on Health.

They also instakill Protectors (and won't let them Split).

On top of that, they can also beat The Chosen One, The Final One, Omega Battleship, Doblon God and SS Hyena a lot more easily, due to their U.F.O.A.U.P.O.N.E. (Ultimate Factor of an Unknown Power of Nuclear Energy), which they got out of nowhere.

All of them have a damage Cap of 10% of their HP, which can only be ignored by each other, Spoons or The Ultimate Conba.

Behaviour:[edit | edit source]

They use random objects as weapons for their attacks (e.g. Toilet Paper Rolls, Helicopters, iPhones, etc.).

Their U.F.O.A.U.P.O.N.E. also made them able to teleport, as seen in their death animations when disappearing, they actually teleport instead of dying.

The Elite Creepers of Space also kill Spectators.

They can Instantly kill Infinity, and anything that is Part of the Infinity Battlegrounds (Note: If Chaos Mode is activated, they will take normal damage from them).

They are all resistant to Instakills (they only take 10% of their HP).

They insta-kill OPOMOR.

Bosses of this Group:[edit | edit source]

List of Bosses to be part of this Group. There is 5 in total.

Trivia:[edit | edit source]

  • Their names are based from certain Videos (originally).
  • Some of them even have their own Boss Health Bars.
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